Ocean’s Rising Acidification Dissolving Shellfish Coastal Tribes Depend On

By Terri Hansen The ancestral connections of tribal coastal communities to the ocean’s natural resources stretch back thousands of years. But growing acidification is changing oceanic conditions, putting the cultural and economic reliance of coastal tribes—a critical definition of who they are—at risk. It’s a big challenge to tribes in the Pacific Northwest, said the late Billy Frank Jr. (Nisqually)…

Tribal Nations Early Climate Adaptation Planners

Much has been made of the need to develop climate-change-adaptation plans, especially in light of increasingly alarming findings about how swiftly the environment that sustains life as we know it is deteriorating, and how the changes compound one another to quicken the pace overall. Studies, and numerous climate models, and the re-analysis of said studies and climate models, all point to humankind as the main driver of these changes.

Tribes: The Overlooked U.S. Climate Delegate

The Cancun dust has settled, though I can’t shake the images of tourist luxury. As one of 10 Earth Journalism Network U.S. Climate Media Fellows I spent two weeks last December reporting the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change COP16 summit, hosted by Mexico at Cancun’s opulent Moon Palace Golf and Spa Resort.

Indigenous Knowledge Is Transforming the March for Science

The March for Science this year is set for April 14. Last year’s march drew tens of thousands who marched to protest the Trump administration’s war on science. Since then, a corresponding March for Indigenous Science has grown into a burgeoning movement of its own, one aimed at increasing the visibility of indigenous science and traditional ecological knowledge as valid…

The Starry Trek of Commander Herrington

John Herrington made Native history when he rocketed into orbit more than a decade ago. Back on Earth, he remains committed to pushing the frontiers of space and knowledge.   Before boarding the space shuttle Endeavour to rendezvous with the International Space Station in 2002, Cmdr. John Herrington had an engineer at the Kennedy Space Center smudge him with sweetgrass…